Where Fancies Fly

Hi, my name is Kelly McGuire and I am one of the archivists who has been working on PHCHPD projects for the past year and a half. We wanted to launch a blog on our website to keep everyone involved in the Coalition, disability advocacy, and history movements updated about our work.

We are going to be periodically posting blogs and vlogs (video blogs) here about research being conducted in our collections, events we're attending, and even interviews with very interesting people involved with these projects.

Before we start releasing blog content, I wanted to take a moment to explain the name of our blog: Where Fancies Fly. The name comes from the title of an article (Where Fancies Fly With Painted Wings to Dazzle and Mislead) written by Dr. Martin W. Barr, superintendent of the then-Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-Minded Children, now Elwyn, from 1893 to 1930. It's one of the few publications by Barr where he has a more positive view of individuals with intellectual disability. We chose this title because we hope to restore agency to individuals with disability in the past and encourage everyone to explore this relatively undeveloped aspect of history.

As part of our involvement with the Pennsylvania History Coalition Honoring People with Disability, we are working to engage individuals with disability in their history, so that is one of many things we hope to show throughout this blog. Stay tuned for updates, and for more follow us on:

Twitter: @pahchpd
Facebook: PA Coalition Honoring People with Disability
Youtube: Pennsylvania History-Coalition